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Welcome to Pain Management
Here we will focus on the most common pains and injuries known to the
"weightlifter". It doesn't matter if your 23 or 53, eventually your hard work will
payback your body with some sort of pain.
If your lifting heavy weights, pumping high reps or just a bench presser you
eventually will fall to one of common injuries of the sport.
Shoulder pain, wrist pain, elbow pain or lower back pain is something most of us have
one time or another in our fitness life. Even after we stop the working out the pain still finds
us. This section is dedicated to educating the lifter about correct form and pain
management. This section is a gathering of pain remedies from many sources.
***As always, see your doctor for the correct diagnostics and inform them what exercises you might try.
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Before we can fix or improve our  pain, we need to understand it.